How to Play Roulette

Without the aid of a betting system, you can easily discover the appropriate roulette numbers for any given sport. Use a rolled-up £10 note and see how long it takes you to lay down your bet, or just try it out on the roulette table at Coral online casino.

How to play roulette without a system

If you’re a seasoned roulette player, you may be interested to know that you don’t actually have to use a betting system to play the game, if you have only one hand to bet on casino site.

Just put the 10p (£1) on the table, fold your hand into a fist and place your thumb on the table for the next number.

The dealer will spin the wheel and stop on the number you placed your thumb on and you’ll win the amount of that number.

Choose your own numbers

If you don’t fancy waiting for the dealer to spin the wheel, there’s another way of trying this out at a casino.

Just pick up a rolled-up note of either color and place it on the table, folded just as you did before. The dealer will put down one color of the note and place a number on the colored side. You can bet on the same color, just with the numbers on the outside instead.

How to play roulette with a betting system

To play roulette with a betting system, you need to have at least a £10 bet on your table. The obvious way to do this is to use a betting system, such as a betting ticket, but this isn’t always available in some casinos.

It’s a good idea to check first, as your gaming experience may not be as smooth as you’d like if the system doesn’t let you use a betting ticket.If you’re playing at a casino with a betting system, you’ll need to place your bet first on the roulette table, either on the top or the bottom number. This number will be the number you place your thumb on for the next number on the spin